17. Female. Current part-time slave. These are the stories of my best, worst, and weirdest experiences that you can only expect from working at Taco Bell.

Oh. My. God.

  • Me: Hi! Can I help you?
  • Customer: Yeeah I'll take 2 soft tacos and a drink
  • Me: Okay, did you want that in a combo? It's probably cheaper..
  • Customer: No, I don't want fries.
  • Me: Okay so just the two tacos and the drink then?
  • Customer: Yup
  • Me: Okay that's fine, it comes to 3.89
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • ..You can't be serious.

Never heard that one before..

  • Me: Hi! Welcome to Taco Bell, what can I get for you?
  • Customer: The taco combo
  • Me: Sure! Did you want your taco shells to be soft or hard?
  • Customer: Well... I LIKE IT *HARD*!!
  • Me:
  • Me: ...

Don’t you hate it when…

You are literally a minute away from closing time when some shirtless guy that is too stoned to function hobbles into Taco Bell, orders 21 soft tacos, and laughs hysterically at you, staring into your eyes…And then he runs away when you tell him the price.

No worries,

You and me both.

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  • Me: Here's your order! Did you want any hot or mild sauce?
  • Customer: Yeah
  • Me:
  • Customer:
  • Me:
  • Customer:
  • Rest of Line:
  • Extinct Dinosaurs:
  • Chuck Norris:
  • Dead Flies On Windowsill:
  • Me: .....I'll give you a bit of both, alright?
Can’t decide if funny..Or creepy..

Can’t decide if funny..Or creepy..

5 Most Annoying Kinds of Customers.

After two years of working at Taco Bell part-time, you learn things. 

For example, you learn to classify customers.

There are good kinds, such as "The Care-Free Teen", who tends to simply hand you a couple fives and some pocket change and say, “Give me as many tacos as I can get”.

Or ”The Regular”, who orders the same thing every single time, and has been a regular for long enough that they pay with exact change. 

However, there are also… The Bad. 


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